Square To Round Gate Hinges Applications

Square To Round Gate Hinge

A few applications call for a square-to-round gate hinge. Many times there are gates that have differently shaped posts and gates. To connect the two, you will need a Square Gate Frame To Round Post Gate Hinge. These heavy-duty and adjustable gate hinges can work with square-shaped gates and round posts. The hot-dipped galvanized steel will ensure long-lasting weather and corrosion resistance. The gate hinge can allow the gate to open a full 180°. It is compatible with chain link or wooden gate frames/posts.

Common Applications:

  • Parks and Recreation Centers
  • Government Operated Facilities
  • Farms and Agricultural Structures
  • Dumpster and Waste Enclosures With Swinging Gates
  • Wooden Gates Connecting To Round Chain Link Fence Post

Some examples where this type of hinge would be necessary is on dumpster gates. Many times there are round posts but a square gate. This is widely seen in commercial use, such as restaurants or large businesses. The 180° opening allows the gate to open fully when it's time to empty the receptacle. Farms often need the square-to-round gate hinge. A round chain link fence post usually needs to connect to a wooden gate.

Government swing gates often need the 180° Round Post To Square Gate Frame Hinge. Being able to open 180° is vital to the safety and security of a perimeter entrance or exit. It will allow large vehicles to pass through without obstruction.

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