Square Fence Fittings, Square Tubing, & Square Post Caps

Square Fittings is devoted to bringing you the best products at unbeatable prices. We strive to be the industry leader and supplier of all square fence fittings needs. Our square hinges, floor flanges, drop forks, line tops, collars, and more are made from high-quality materials built to withstand frequent use and inclement weather. We make it easy to find the right square chain link fitting. We stock fittings for all types of square steel tubing in various sizes.

Square Fittings

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Square Post Caps

Shop Square Post Caps For Chain Link & Ornamental Fences

Square Tubing

Square Square Tubing For Ornamental Fence Framework

Tension Band Chain Link Fence

Shop Square Tension Bands

Tension bands are used to form a strong connection in a square chain link or ornamental fence. These tension bands are made from either heavy-duty galvanized or powder-coated steel. Use them on chain link mesh, tension bars, or gate frames.

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Heavy-Duty Gate Latch

Shop Square Gate Latches

Otherwise known as Fulcrum gate latches, square gate latches are created for industrial and commercial gates. These heavy-duty steel latches are pad-lockable and are difficult to destroy. Use them on multiple sizes of gate frames.

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Square Gate Drop Forks

Shop Square Gate Drop Forks

Square drop forks are part of a complete latch assembly and can help close a chain link fence gate when used with a drop fork collar and carriage bolt. These latches are rust-resistant galvanized steel and fit inside a drop fork collar.

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Carriage Bolts

Shop Carriage Bolts & Nuts

Secure your brace bands, clamps, rail ends, tension bands, cross-connectors, and so much more with a durable carriage bolt. These bolts and nuts are forged with corrosion-resistant galvanized steel to last many years.

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Our incredible Square Fittings team of highly skilled professionals is passionate about our products and provides you with top-of-the-line resources and tools to build or maintain your chain link fence. Attentively serving our customers’ needs for over thirty years, we provide hard-to-find, square chain link fence fittings built to last. Our expanding inventory includes square tubing, brace bands, tension bands, drop forks, collars, carriage bolts, and more.

Reach out to one of our sales representatives by calling toll free at (888) 378-1149 or by emailing us at Sales@SquareFittings.com to learn more about us and what we offer. We are always happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have!

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