What Is A Square Gate Drop Fork Latch?

Square Gate Latch Assembly

Drop fork latches, often simply referred to as fork latches, are the most common type of latch for square or chain link fencing. Shaped similarly to a fork, this latch has two prongs in the shape of a Y, which when “dropped," surrounds three sides of the fence post or gate frame post. The simple design is easy to install and use time after time. Our square gate drop forks are made of rust-resistant galvanized steel and are just one of the three components of the gate latch assembly.

How To Install a Drop Fork Latch On A Gate?

Note that the latch assembly can be installed on either the gate frame or fence post. Drop forks must be paired with a collar and carriage bolts. A gate collar is placed on either side of the fence post (or gate frame post) and loosely secured with carriage bolts. Then the drop fork's “tail" slides between the two parts of the gate collar. From there you replace the carriage bolt on the drop fork side and tighten it. The “tail" of the drop fork is uniquely designed to allow for smooth opening, closing, and positioning to left open when needed. The entire assembly bridges the gap between the fence posts and the gate frame, and the Y-shaped drop fork prevents the gate from swinging in either direction.

How Do I Lock A Drop Fork Latch?

Both the drop fork and the gate collar are designed to allow for padlocking. The drop fork has two pre-drilled holes on its “tail"; the top one allows you to place the carriage bolt through it to secure to the gate collar, and the bottom hole is for a padlock. Gate collars have distinct divots cut out. When positioned correctly, with the divot side down, the bottom hole of the drop fork aligns. This design allows for extra secure locking.