Square Metal Gate Hinges & Closure Method

Two essentials of any gate are the hinges and the closure method. Hinges and closure methods do not have to be complicated. The traditional male and female gate hinges and drop fork closure method are the simplest ways to build a functional gate for your square metal gate.

Square Male & Female Gate Hinges

Male and female gate hinges are the traditional gate hinge option for metal gates. These hardware components for metal gates are easily installed and make maintenance of the gate and fence easy. The female and male hinges fit together rather than a gate hinge with the gate frame and post connections bolted. The simplicity of this design is great for all gate projects and is generally the less expensive option when it comes to gate hinges.

Male and female swing gate hinges offer a wide opening range and are typically paired with drop forks for secure closure. These hinges are ideal for most industrial applications as they are made of high-quality and thick gauge galvanized steel, allowing for smooth opening and closing. Square Fittings offers a selection of female and male hinges for various post sizes, and some are black powder-coated should you prefer black over standard steel.

Male and female gate hinges attach to either the gate frame or the fence post. Neither part definitively attaches to the gate rather than the post or vice versa. However, be sure to secure the male gate hinges with the pin positioned downward so that they slide into the female gate hinge loop and function properly.

Note that male and female gate hinges do not include the required carriage bolts, but Square Fittings has an assortment of carriage bolts for you to choose from.

Gate Closure

Pair square metal gate hinges with drop forks and gate collars for secure gate closure. Drop forks and gate collars are components of the gate latch assembly. Drop forks and gate collars are all galvanized steel. Drop forks slid around the fence post and sit on the collars mounted to the sides of the fence post. These also require carriage bolts that are sold separately but will allow you to close your gate securely. Both are available in various sizes to fit most gate frame and post sizes.

If you have further questions about metal square fittings for your gate and fence system, please get in touch with our friendly sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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