Square Dome Post Caps For Ornamental Iron Fence

Square Fittings provides square post caps that add a decorative element to the functionality of post caps. In addition to preventing water build-up and subsequent rotting, rusting, cracking, and insect nesting, post caps can improve the visual appearance of your fence.

For ornamental iron fencing, Square Fittings has a selection of square dome post caps, which will embellish your fence posts with a dome. The dome feature is topped with a flat square and rounded sides with subtle angular lines connecting the post caps’ rimmed edge to the top square.

These square dome post caps are typically used on ornamental iron fencing because they provide that stylistic look without being over the top visually. The square domes are available in two finishes and various sizes. While galvanized steel is used more often on chain link fencing and black powder-coated galvanized steel is used more residentially on ornamental iron fencing, the choice is up to you.

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