Why Use Touch-Up Paint

There are many reasons why people use touch-up paint on their chain link or aluminum fences. The most common reason people use touch-up paint is to cover up scratches or rust damage. Though most fences are built from durable and strong materials that are designed to withstand a variety of situations for years to come, accidents, everyday wear and tear, and just age of your fence can damage or weaken the paint of your fence.

Commonly, these blemishes on your fence are not super noticeable and many people often choose to ignore them. However, it is important to address these issues while they are small as they can easily lead to larger problems down the road. When these scratches or rust spots appear on your fence it is helpful to think of your fence's paint as “skin”. If someone was to get a scratch or injury to their skin they would clean and bandage it to start the healing process and to prevent infection. In a similar way, that is what touch-up paint is to fences.

Scratches or rust spots on your fence mean that the paint that was once protecting the metal of your fence is no longer there. This leaves your fence directly exposed to the elements and can quickly lead to deterioration or weakening of your fence. If this occurs you might be faced with having to replace a full section of your fence instead of just touching it up will a little paint.

What Paint Should I Use?

When touching up the paint of your chain link or aluminum fence it is imperative to use a certain type of paint. The best type of paint to use when touching up fences is acrylic-latex paint. Acrylic-latex paint might sound familiar to you if you are a frequent DIYer. This type of paint is often used in a lot of exterior and interior projects. Its unique formula makes it moisture resistant, making it ideal for fence touch-up sprays that need that kind of protection to prevent rust and corrosion.

At Square Fittings, we offer a selection of different colors of touch-up paint so no matter the color of your fence you are able to get it back to looking like new.

Galv-Pro Aerosol Paints For Touch-Ups