What is Ornamental Fencing?

Security and privacy are the most known functions of any fencing, but in residential settings, the visual appeal of fencing is also an important factor. Ornamental fencing combines those desired factors by adding design to various types of fencing. Unlike wood or wrought iron fencing, which must be produced with ornamental styling in mind, aluminum, steel, and vinyl ornamental fencing can be fabricated by adding decorative elements such as tubing and fittings.

Pros & Cons of Ornamental Fencing

The pros and cons of galvanized steel, powder-coated aluminum, and vinyl ornamental fencing include:


  • Rust-Resistant Coating or Material
  • Easy Installation
  • Little to No Maintenance
  • Long Lasting


  • Upfront Cost
  • Time-Consuming Installation

While the benefits of ornamental fencing clearly outnumber the drawbacks, the quality of the material, ease of installation, lack of maintenance, and longevity far outweigh the monetary cost and the time to install. Ornamental fencing provides the functionality of security and privacy while adding visual appeal, which some types may not provide. Extend the beauty of your home to the border of your property by installing ornamental fencing and attaching fittings to add decorative elements.

Add Value & Style

It’s time to improve your property’s value and visual appeal. Square Fittings offers a collection of square fence fittings, tubing, and post caps for square aluminum, steel, and vinyl fencing. Square fittings include various types of bands, hinges, clamps, latches, and more used to secure parts of the fencing. Square tubing is available in various sizes. Square post caps are available in various sizes and styles and are used to add flair to every post. These products are available for steel, aluminum, and vinyl ornamental fencing. Add any of these products to your existing ornamental fencing to add functionality and decorative elements.

If you need more information about products for your square ornamental fencing, please reach out to our helpful sales representatives.

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