What Is An Ornamental Male Gate Hinge?

Male gate hinges are just one part of a hinge for ornamental fencing swing gates. Male and female gate hinges are the most reasonable hinge connector options for square ornamental fencing because of their design. Pintle hinges, which are also referred to as pintle and strap hinges, date back to medieval Europe, where blacksmiths needed large hinges that allowed for fortress-like doors to open wide without scuffing their edges on the door frame.

While pintle hinges have an interesting origin, they offer advantages compared to pin hinges. First, the pintle and strap hinges are two components rather than three. Second, pintle hinges are much stronger than pin hinges, so they are used on gates, barn doors, and solid wood doors. Third, pintle hinges are more decorative. Pintle hinges are in contemporary design, from industrial to farmhouse design styles. Fourth, pintle hinges require less maintenance. The pintle is connected to the male side of the gate hinge and sits internally to the female side of the gate hinge, allowing it to move smoothly without regular lubrication.

Male Gate Hinges for Square Ornamental Fencing

Male gate hinge connectors are specifically designed with a pintle to provide a smooth opening and closing movement within the hinge set and around the edges of the square fence and gate components. The male gate hinge attaches to the gate post and sits internally in the female gate hinge, which will have the “strap" or loop and is attached to the gate frame. Both hinge parts will be secured to their respective gate components using a carriage bolt and nut of the appropriate length and width.

For ornamental fencing and gates, the popular choice is black powder-coated galvanized steel hinges, though you may choose the standard galvanized steel male gate hinges if you desire. All square male gate hinges are offered as 9-gauge galvanized steel, and we offer hinges for various post sizes.

When determining which gate hinges you need, remember you will need two male gate hinges and two female gate hinges per gate, the post size, and which color you prefer.

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