What Are End Connectors?

End Connector Galvanized Steel

Whether creating a fence or building a new housing project, if made from wood or metal, you’ll probably need a square steel connector to support the metal or structural beams. But you may wonder, “What exactly are steel end connectors, and how do they apply to the project type I am creating?” If you are creating a wooden structure (such as one with a timber frame), you may require a connector to attach a wooden beam to a metal beam. There are two types of end connectors: one made for wooden beams and another created for metal beams.

What Are End Connectors Used For In Wooden Beams?

End connectors for wooden beams are usually used to assist in attaching a wooden beam to a square metal beam. Since end connectors are made from galvanized steel, they are heavy-duty enough for outdoor use. With connectors for wooden beams, there are two sizes: 1 ½” x 1 ½” and 1 ½” x 3 ½”. First, measure your wooden beam to ensure this connector fits. Since these are rectangular brackets, they are not created for round variations of wooden structures.

End Connectors For Metal Beams

Many people choose metal over wood beams due to metal’s immense strength. After all, they’re used daily in construction and civil engineering projects. If you plan to go this route with your project, you’ll need to use an end connector bracket specifically for metal. The 2” x 2” square end connector is made from galvanized steel and can be used inside and outside. It connects 2” x 2” metal beams for a secure connection that will not shift or move.

Are Metal Or Wooden Beams Better For My Project?

Although metal and wood have pros and cons, it depends on the project. Wooden beams can offer a natural and rustic aesthetic to a project, while metal provides enhanced strength. You may prefer a metal beam depending on the structural integrity needed for a project. However, this all depends on the project type.

If you’re looking for solid end connectors for your wood or metal beams, we offer weather-proof connectors made from galvanized steel:

End Connectors