Using Floor Flanges In Warehouses

Floor Flanges Chain Link Fence

You may see a large outdoor building with a fence when imagining chain link fencing. However, this is only sometimes the case. Sometimes, chain link fences need to be installed inside, especially in warehouses or other large buildings. There are many reasons to add a chain link fence to a warehouse, but some include employee theft, extra protection if a break-in occurs, and injury accidents if you have a second floor in your warehouse. When you need a chain link fence in a warehouse, use a floor flange to help secure your fence.

What Is A Chain Link Floor Flange?

A chain link floor flange holds a chain link post, facilitating installation on wood or concrete. They can work great in industrial areas where you are not attempting to ruin the concrete. These floor flanges go into the ground by using a wedge anchor bolt. Anchor bolts are created to be used in solid concrete. You will install a floor flange on each post you will use with your chain link fence.

How Do You Install A Floor Flange With A Wedge Bolt?

To install a wedge bolt, drill the hole perpendicular to the work surface. No wobbling should ensue from the drill. Drill the hole deeper than you expect to embed your anchor, but it should be less than two diameters from the opposite surface of your concrete. You will need a clean hole to install a wedge bolt properly. You can clean the wedge bolt using a nylon brush and compressed air. After this, place the nut and washer on the anchor. You will then drive the anchor through the selected material to be fastened at your calculated embedment depth. When this is finished, tighten the head. You should do this about 3 to 5 turns past the chosen hand-tight position. It is encouraged to install with a torque wrench for the best performance.

Some Advantages Of Adding Chain Link Fence To Your Warehouse

Not only does chain link fence boost security, but it also:

  • Is a low-cost fencing option
  • Does not require much maintenance
  • Offers customization based on height
  • Can be installed faster than other fence types
  • It is fire-resistant, unlike wood or vinyl

Chain Link Fences For Your Industrial Building

As you can see, chain link fences are the top choice when installing them in your warehouse. The most popular types are steel and aluminum chain link fences. Some prefer aluminum for its extra anti-corrosive abilities. However, a galvanized steel fence is still a great option if you want an affordable and rust-resistant option.

If you’re ready to install an indoor chain link fence, floor flanges are the key to a sturdy and fast installation process. Find out more below:

Floor Flanges