Square Ornamental Steel Fence Parts

When installing an ornamental steel fence, the first step is understanding all the parts of a fence. Like a chain link fence, ornamental fences still need posts, mounting brackets, lag screws, or masonry anchors.

The Anatomy Of An Ornamental Steel Fence

You’ll have pickets, horizontal rails, and posts when installing an ornamental fence. The pickets may have a welded design at the top, depending on your chosen style. These pickets are usually spaced evenly to ensure your fence looks symmetrical. The horizontal rail at the bottom connects the pickets. However, the most critical part is connecting the fence to the posts. The rails use rail connectors or mounting brackets. Mounting brackets and rail connectors are used externally or internally to attach rails to posts without welding.

Square Ornamental Rail Mounting Brackets

Square Ornamental Rail Mounting Brackets

Finishes For Parts for An Ornamental Steel Fence

You’ll need powder-coated, black-pressed steel parts to match your fence design for an ornamental steel fence. Parts made with powder-coated pressed steel have a hard finish that can withstand outdoor or indoor applications and are corrosion-resistant. This finish will not rust, crack, or peel for a long time. As a bonus, powder-coated pressed steel fittings have an aesthetic look that makes any fence offer a more minimalistic design.

Square Clamps For Ornamental Steel Fence

Square Clamps For Ornamental Steel Fence

Can I Use Galvanized Steel Rail Clamps?

Black powder-coated pressed steel parts are usually used when connecting a rail to posts. However, galvanized steel connectors are available if you prefer the look of silver with your fittings. These fittings work the same as their powder-coated pressed steel counterparts but are different colors. While most steel ornamental fences are black, you may want the contrast of silver and black.

If you’re unsure what parts you need to connect an ornamental fence to a post, our sales representatives are available to help you choose the right fittings.

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