Rectangular Wood To Metal End Connectors

Whether your fencing project involves wood or metal, or both, we can help make the connection between fence components. If you are using rectangular wood pieces and need to form a connection to a metal component, we have you covered. Standard end connectors are designed for square and metal beams, and while you may dismiss the materials the bracket is connecting, the design of a rectangular end connector may be more helpful than you think.

What Are Rectangular End Connectors?

Rectangular end connectors are designed for rectangular wood beams. The rectangular shape of the beam allows for a thinner wall, but a thin width means a square bracket won’t fit properly. A rectangular bracket is designed for thinner widths and a longer height, with the connector positioned accordingly. These connectors are used primarily for wood-to-metal connections but can also be used for wood-to-wood connections. This connector is 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" for 2x4 wood beams.

How to Install a Rectangular End Connector

Securing a rectangular end connector or any end connector is quick and easy. Simply place the connector over the end of the beam and secure it with screws. These end connectors have pre-drilled holes that are 1/8”, and the connection piece is pre-drilled for a 5/16” carriage bolt.

Square Fittings also has square end connectors for wood-to-metal and metal-to-metal end connection applications. These end connector brackets are easy to install and create a sturdy frame. Note: the end connectors do not include a carriage bolt.