Plastic Post Cap Top Protectors For 6x6 Wooden Posts

If you attempt to make your wood railing or fence more decorative, you may be interested in nail-in-place post caps. These post caps are created to withstand outdoor weather and will help offer a decorative touch to your wooden deck. These post caps are available in black to offer a traditional appearance that will help your deck stand out.

What Sizes Are Available For Nail-In Place Post Caps?

Sizes available for nail-in post caps include the 3 5/8" and 5 5/8" nail-in-place post caps. The 3 5/8" nail-in post cap fits a 4" x 4" post, while the 5 5/8" nail-in post cap fits 6" x 6" wood posts. Therefore, before purchasing a post, ensure it is the correct size.

Benefits of a Nail-In Post Cap

A nail-in post cap is created to not only add a stylish touch to your fence but also:

  • Has a protective covering that works against harmful UV rays
  • Helps your wood posts from splitting or rotting
  • Fits externally for easy installation
  • Created from high-quality polypropylene
  • Causes less splinters from hands touching the top of the post

  • Measurements Of Post Caps

    If you still need to decide what the right size post cap size will fit your wood post, these pictures will help you visualize the outside of your post cap so you can see if they will fit correctly on your wooden fence.

    Protect Your Fence With Nail-In Post Caps

    When it's raining, your wood post needs extra protection. That is why nail-in vinyl post caps are a cost-effective way to ensure that your wood post stays safe from mildew and mold, likely leading to the splintering and rot of your wooden post. Keep your post safe with a durable post cap that will aid your fence's aesthetic.

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