Metal Fence Fittings

When reviewing installation instructions or watching a building tutorial, you might have encountered the word ‘fixings’ and been confused about what it was referring to. In the fence installation industry, ‘fixings’ is often used to describe the parts and hardware needed for the job.

Common Fixings For Metal Fences

Some common fixings in fence installation include brace bands, tension bands, hinges, and j-bolts. Your project will determine what parts and materials are needed. In any building project or repair, correctly measure what size fixings are necessary. Ordering the correct size parts will lead to a smooth installation and ensure a sturdy and complete product.

Square Brace Bands For Metal Fence Posts

Brace Band For Metal Fence

A brace band attaches the rail, tension wire, and sometimes barbwire to a chain link fence. Square brace bands can fit posts from 1 1/2" sq. to 8" sq. and can be used for ornamental fence applications.

J-Bolt Male Gate Hinges For Metal Square Fence and Gate Posts


J-Bolt male hinges work alongside female strap hinges to facilitate smooth, reliable gate opening. J-Bolts are absolutely necessary for maintaining a working hinge system.

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