Hinge For Ameristar Steel Fencing

Are you searching for parts for your premium steel or aluminum ornamental fence from Ameristar? If so, many options will enhance your fence and keep it looking as good as when it was first installed. After many years of enjoying your Ameristar fence, square male and female gate hinges made from galvanized steel are the ideal parts you may replace.

Square Female Gate Hinges

Female gate hinges attach to your posts and let the gate swing open and close quickly. These hinges, along with male hinges, create a complete manual swing gate option. These hinges are created from galvanized steel and are heavy-duty enough to last many years. Choose this hinge option in powder-coated black or standard galvanized pressed steel.

Square Male Gate Hinges

Square male gate hinges are the missing component to your gate. These hinges, along with female hinges, create a fully functional manual gate. These hinges come in galvanized and powder-coated black steel. You can purchase them in pairs or separately.

Ameristar Steel Fencing Replacement Parts

Before purchasing a hinge for your Ameristar fence, ensure it is the correct hinge for your post size. Various sizes are available from 1” x 1” to 4” x 4”. Since these hinges are created for square posts, they will not work with round hinges.

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