Black Wrought Iron Fence Post Caps

Powder-Coated Steel Dome Post Cap

Since wrought iron fences are made from costly materials and are elegant enough to stand out from other fencing materials, you’ll want your wrought iron fence to look the best. To help aid in this, you can rely on fittings matching your wrought iron fence. One of the critical parts of any wrought iron fence is the square dome post cap that goes on the top. Usually, wrought iron fences have a powder-coated black cap on top that offers an elegant look.

What Sizes Are Available For Square Powder-Coated Black Steel Dome Caps?

Sizing for these post caps is only available in squares. So square sizes are available from 2” x 2” to 6” x 6”. The other neat part of these post caps is that they sit externally instead of internally on the post. The internal tabs inside can be used to offer additional gripping support on the post. Therefore, your dome post cap will stay secure and not budge once placed.

What Materials Are Post Caps Made Of For Wrought Iron Fence?

These specialty post caps are created from pressed steel and will last many years in various climates. The outside has a powder-coated finish to increase its durability. The dome style is shaped in a classic look that will fit in perfectly with your wrought iron fence.

Are Power-Coated Black Post Caps UV-Resistant?

These black post caps are resistant to rust and other weather elements and have UV resistance that aids in keeping the color look the same year after year. Despite steel not being as durable as wrought iron, it is still a resistant material and will not need to be replaced for several years.

The Ideal Post Caps For Your Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fences are beautiful and durable, so you need durable post caps to go with your fence. Pick a dome-shaped black powder-coated post cap to finish your fence installation or replace existing post caps.

Dome-Shaped Post Caps