Types of Fittings

Bands: Bands are shaped to fit around the terminal post of your chainlink fence. These bands are used with a carriage bolt and nut to attach the tension bar to the post.

Barb Arms: Barb Arms are generally used to keep barbed wiring held up around the top of your chainlink fence, further securing your property.

Clamps: Clamps are used to keep the chainlink mesh or chainlink fencing securely held to the post. Common practice is to use at least 3 clamps per post.

Collars: Collars are used to attach the gate drop fork and square post.

Drop Fork: Drop Forks allow for an easy way to firmly keep your gate closed.

Flange: A flange can be external or internal. It is a rim, lip, put at the base for extra added strength.

Hinge: Hinges attach to the gate post permitting it to swing open and close smoothly.

Latch: Latches generally have some type of locking capability for adding extra security to your chainlink fence.

Line Top: Line tops are used to position top rails.

Post Caps: Post Caps sit on top of chainlink fence posts. While pretty, post casp are not just for decorative purposes. Post caps help prevent water from building up and corroding the inside of the post, and prevent the post for becoming a nest for mosquitos.

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